Plot Introduction Edit

Fifty years ago, the Westering Lands were filled with terror as a sealord from Northos named Moras Flynt began to conquer the Northerlands. He was vicious, killing and burning and looting, evading the soldiers of the Westering Lands by drawing back to his fleet of longships. Finally, at the Battle of the Divide, Moras Flynt was defeated. He and two score of longships escaped, but most of them were lost in a great storm. Only Moras and a handful of his longships escaped back to Northos.

Plot Summary Edit

In the Northerlands Edit

Aegean is a young squire at Fingerfirth Castle. After a tourney in which the lord of Iscafell goes missing, Aegean proves his loyalty to the lord of Fingerfirth—Lord Carrigan—and his liege, Theron of Fingerfirth, the commander of the household guard. The lord of Fingerfirth sends Aegean, Theron, and a handful of other men northward in search of answers about the rise of a new sealord.

They stop in Arrany, the last great city before the Borderlands, and recruit new men, men whom Aegean mistrusts. They travel coastward, hoping to find signs of longships, and come upon a small group of Northermen. They defeat the men and learn that there is a new sealord rising—Vallos Flynt, eldest son and heir to Moras Flynt.

They return to Fingerfirth, pursued by more raiders, but they finally escape. When they arrive at Fingerfirth, they learn that the lord of the Galekeep is dead, presumably poisoned. At the wishes of the lord of Fingerfirth, Aegean and Theron ride hard for the Galekeep. There they investigate the lord of Galekeep’s death. They are met with hostility and prepare to ride back to Fingerfirth, but are stopped by the castellan, who takes them into his confidence and tells them that the commander of Iscafell’s household guard resides a few miles away, his presence suspicious. Theron and Aegean go there to appease the castellan, but there they find the lord of Iscafell himself. They decide not to expose themselves, and they travel back to Fingerfirth. The next night, soldiers from Iscafell attack their camp. Theron is murdered and Aegean barely escapes, fleeing to Fingerfirth.

When he arrives he tells Lord Carrigan of Lord Valeron’s treachery, and Lord Carrigan begins to assemble an army to march on Iscafell Castle.    

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