Seafell Ruins
Seafell is a relatively small fishing town off the northern coast of the Winedark Sea. It is raided and razed in the Prologue of Valengard1.

General Edit

Seafell is a small fishing town.

Inhabitants Edit

The inhabitants of Seafell are mainly fishermen. Seafell's main economy is determined by the amount of trade it receives, which is very little, so it is a relatively poor town. Some of its inhabitants are raiders from Northos who have given up a life of killing and raiding, turning to fishing and farming in and around Seafell.

Location Edit

Seafell is located at the end of a small inlet off the northern coast of the Winedark Sea. It possesses only a few score of buildings, and the entrance to its small harbor is blocked by a boom.

References Edit

Seafell is mentioned in the Prologue of Valengard1, in which the POV character Old Tomm helps the inhabitants of Seafell try to withstand a raid from the Northermen. They are unsuccessful, and the town is looted and razed.

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